This program creates a safe space to share and articulate concerns and issues women experience in the work place and provides a forum for tackling those issues without judgement. It also introduces women to techniques that would normally be reserved for their male counterparts and helps shed light on a rather elusive subject.

Melissa MartinezExecutive Vice President, International Marketing, Global Road

MWELP is one of a kind!  This program focuses on authentic leadership and how who we are as women greatly influences who we are as leaders. Unlike many programs, the emphasis on empathy, grace, and turning vision into thoughtful action is not only taught – but implemented during these few months together. It has been a remarkable change and the journey continues!

Dawn BeltonDirector, Private Bank Client Service Manager, MUFG Union Bank

I’m eternally grateful to this program for helping me realize that I’m not alone in how I’ve tried to navigate through my career as an African American women (woman of color) in my field. The bond that I’ve created with some of these women is a foundation that will enhance my growth, because I will be able to call on them to obtain their support and guidance.  I not only look forward to growing in my career, but also to provide mentoring to those that may have the same concerns and insecurities I’ve had in my career.

Rochelle McLaurin, MBAAssistant Director, Contract and Grant Management, Heluna Health

It’s an introspective approach to self-improvement and leadership development. If you truly want to be great, you must be content to be in a growth-enhancing environment, which can, and should be, uncomfortable at times while being extremely rewarding. MWELP is that environment.

Christine KundlyStorage Process Manager, Sempra Utilities

This program was unique because it was everything wrapped into one program.  It was Leadership Skills Training, Life Coaching, Stakeholder Centered Coaching, and Networking all-in-one.  It was a journey, not a course.

I used to think the most important strength of influential leaders were being able to drive results.  What I didn’t know was that the world’s most impactful leaders lead from strong personal values and empathy in order to motivate others who then drive results.

Shiressa “Reese” JohnsonVice President, Audit and Governance, MUFG Union Bank

This program was unique in that it allowed me to really understand how I lead. The way the program was structured with the coaches, instructors and exercises was very valuable in my leader journey.  We are all better when we share and are open to learning from each other. Sometimes you have to peel back the layers to get to the real self.

Alma AnguianoHuman Resources Director, McDonald's USA, LLC

Information was flowing both ways and that was a great way to engage from day 1: we not only learned from Dr. Yasmin but also from all the fellows. This made it extremely valuable given the mixed backgrounds within the cohort: financial, HR, non-profit, law, engineering etc. In addition, personalized action plans developed for personal improvements to create habits were implemented with associated accountability, not only to coaches and learning teams with fellows but also with selected stakeholders at work.

Always take a moment to reflect on those important things that give meaning to a long-term vision for leadership. Taking the time to nurture myself, learn from others and add value to others leadership journeys should be a top priority at this stage in my career.

Dr. Siari S. SosaMaterial and Equipment Team Lead, Sempra Energy/Southern California Gas

“Words can’t describe how amazing this program is. From the curriculum to the expertise and breadth of knowledge that Yasmin and all the facilitators possess, this program is unmatched. The format is unique because it incorporates different teaching methods that emphasize the importance of hard and soft skills in leadership all while employing an interactive approach that makes this curriculum come to life. Without a doubt, this program is absolutely amazing.”

Araceli Almazan, MPA, J.D.Litigation Attorney, Law Offices of Stephenson, Acquisto & Colman

“Thanks to this program I’ve become a more authentic leader primarily by instituting guiding principles to motivate, collaborate and as a result drive high performing teams which has taken my company to the next level of success. The entrepreneur training underscored the pivotal role I play as a decision maker and the considerable impact those decisions have on my business. The program has given me the skills set and tools to implement more effective systems improving daily operations, as well as adapting innovative digital media formats to ensure a long life for customer loyalty.”

Karla SandovalFounder & CEO, Entrepreneur Intelligence

“The Latina Global Executive Leadership Program has been life-changing. The program re-iterated the message that I must be more self confident to the point that I felt I had to listen. The training provided me the skills that enabled me to be more focused and deliberate in the way I speak and listen to people. I already see a difference in the way I interact with my team and they, in turn, interact with me. This has been a very hard, but worthwhile journey. Thank you so much.”

Leticia RodriguezElectrical Engineer, Honeywell