Entrepreneur Program for Multicultural Women

The reinspired Multicultural Women Entrepreneur Program is an exciting opportunity. Thanks to our partnerships with the SBA, SCE, FoundLA, US Bank, California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, NAWBO, and the NLBWA, we can provide even more resources to support participants in this program.

As for the curriculum, it has been restructured to maximize impact and efficiency. The new format consists of two full days dedicated to program launch, six three-hour sessions, and specialized learning team calls. This updated schedule aims to alleviate some of the burden on entrepreneurs while ensuring the program's effectiveness.

More importantly, this program provides a safe and dynamic environment where women business owners can come together to collaborate and uplift one another, ultimately helping themselves and their businesses thrive.

Our 2024/25 program dates are scheduled with your busy schedule in mind.

Launch your journey with us.


Session 1: October 16 - 9am-3pm PST
Session 2: October 17 - 9am-3pm PST
Session 3: October 30 - 9am-12pm PST
Session 4: November 13 - 9am-12pm PST
Session 5: November 20 - 9am-12pm PST
Session 6: December 4 - 9am-12pm PST
Session 7: December 10 - 9am-12pm PST
Session 8: December 18 - 9am-12pm PST
Session 9: January 8 - 9am-12pm PST
Session 10: January 22 - 9am-12pm PST
Session 11: February 5 - 9am-12pm PST

What are unique challenges to Women Entrepreneurs?

Program Walk-Through

Key Takeaways

Identify and evaluate business opportunities

Understand and manage the business environment

Analyze financial statements and use them for management decisions

Access financial capital

Lead and grow a business

Hire, develop, and retain their team

Build a targeted sales effort

Contract with the government

Understand international trade pportunities

Construct and align their business operations to grow their business

This Program is ideal for women entrepreneurs who:

  • Own a business poised for growth.
  • Been in operation for at least two years.
  • Have at least two employees (including yourself), and
  • Have business revenues between $75,000 and $2 million in the most recent fiscal year.


The opening session will orient participants to the Multicultural Women Entrepreneur Program and its philosophy. We will discuss the outcomes of their business assessment and focus on understanding and aligning their values, passion and purpose with the growth of their business

The second session will focus on how to create systems to track and measure results. Participants will learn the importance of measuring progress, analyzing progress indicators and aligning progress to reach business objectives.

Creating a financial foundation action plan is essential for growing one’s business. In this session, participants will review financial statement basics and develop analyses and forecasting methods to plan and monitor their business growth.

Branding is associated with 3 C’s: Clarity, Consistency and Constancy. In this session, participants will learn why commitment is also an important factor in building their brand. They will identify what their unique value proposition is, how to differentiate their brand from competitors, and how to promote a consistent image of their brand.

Small businesses frequently attribute their success to the quality and dedication of their people. This session’s focus is learning how to develop a loyal winning team by getting the right people on board, making their team part of the plan and creating an ownership culture.

In this session, participants will learn how to determine their best marketing channels and create a marketing calendar. They will design a unique sales process based on a customer persona that personifies the characteristics of their ideal customer.

In this session, participants will develop a real-time quality control system based on efficiency and building a team culture The emphasis will be on operations, including work-flows and logistics, to give insight to the business process, what it can be, and how to bridge the gap.

This session will review the different types of financing available, discuss the steps to obtain financial capital through each, and help participants understand which funding sources are most appropriate for their businesses.

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Program Information

Program Fees

The program value for the Multicultural Women Entrepreneur Program is $10,800 and is 95% funded. Participants are responsible for covering only 5% of the tuition cost, which amounts to $540.