“Words can’t describe how amazing this program is. From the curriculum to the expertise and breadth of knowledge that Yasmin and all the facilitators possess, this program is unmatched. The format is unique because it incorporates different teaching methods that emphasize the importance of hard and soft skills in leadership all while employing an interactive approach that makes this curriculum come to life. Without a doubt, this program is absolutely amazing.”

Araceli Almazan, MPA, J.D.Litigation Attorney, Law Offices of Stephenson, Acquisto & Colman

“Thanks to this program I’ve become a more authentic leader primarily by instituting guiding principles to motivate, collaborate and as a result drive high performing teams which has taken my company to the next level of success. The entrepreneur training underscored the pivotal role I play as a decision maker and the considerable impact those decisions have on my business. The program has given me the skills set and tools to implement more effective systems improving daily operations, as well as adapting innovative digital media formats to ensure a long life for customer loyalty.”

Karla SandovalFounder & CEO, Entrepreneur Intelligence

“The Latina Global Executive Leadership Program has been life-changing. The program re-iterated the message that I must be more self confident to the point that I felt I had to listen. The training provided me the skills that enabled me to be more focused and deliberate in the way I speak and listen to people. I already see a difference in the way I interact with my team and they, in turn, interact with me. This has been a very hard, but worthwhile journey. Thank you so much.”

Leticia RodriguezElectrical Engineer, Honeywell

“The Latina Global Executive Leadership Program defines a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Dr. Davidds doesn’t stop by providing necessary development in traditional leadership competencies, she also teaches participants to understand the impact of our culture on us as leaders. The program has provided me with insight into my own motivations as a leader and provided an environment to learn and practice new skills. Unlike traditional trainings where you are equipped with competencies that are eagerly applied and soon placed “on the shelf,” this curriculum is not something that can be forgotten. For me, it has changed my leadership and allowed me to become the most successful version of myself that I have ever been.”

Emily Preciado-FonsecaAccount Director, The Walt Disney Company

“Yasmin Davidds delivers a profound and compelling message of empowerment. She tells all women to not allow cultural expectations to confine nor define them. She teaches them to live by what they believe and to leave the rest behind.”

Xavier BecerraAttorney General of California