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Executive Sponsor

I am pleased to serve as the Executive Sponsor for the Multicultural Women Executive Leadership Program.  The 2016 “Women in the Workplace” study by McKinsey & Company confirmed that women lag behind their male counterparts in almost every segment of business and career development: earned income, promotions and raises.  “Women also receive informal feedback less frequently than men—despite asking for it as often—and have less access to senior-level sponsors”.  The study further confirmed that “The challenge is even more pronounced for women of color”.

This program is designed to support the leveling of the playing field through a curriculum of professional development, interpersonal skill building, executive presence and refining the art of negotiation (a critical business practice).  It is uniquely positioned to address the challenges that women in general and multicultural women in particular face.

As a pro-bono faculty member, I have seen first-hand the product of this program as a measure of enhance productivity, career advancement and narrowing the gap of economic parity.  Supporting this program provides benefits to corporations through accelerated development of executive women, the formation of leadership characteristic, enhanced self-awareness, confidence, collaboration and team building acumen.

Built into the program are impact assessments designed to measure growth.  There is comparative analysis using pre-program baselines, and post session behavioral assessments and reporting to quantify program effectiveness.  The collegial bonds formed by the cohort support the programs lasting impact and the continued professional development of these scholars.

I am honored to serve as the Executive Sponsor for the Multicultural Women Executive Leadership Program and invite other executives in the multicultural diaspora to join me in demonstrating leadership and advancement of multicultural women in our community.


Julius E. Robinson
Managing Director & Group Head
Corporate Social Responsibilities for the America
MUFG Union Bank, N.A.